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I offer a variety of website design and development services, from website design and development, web hosting, digital marketing, search engine optimisations (SEO), ecommerce services to logo design. With every line of code and pixel, I strive to make the web a beautiful place. If you are a business or individual seeking better online presence, get in touch.


I offer effective and affordable web solutions for small businesses.I am a big fan of static websites because they are simpler, more secure, faster and cheaper (to host and run). Static websites can do so much these days. Unless you really need a dynamic website, static is the way to go.

Responsive Design

Your website will look great on any device - desktop, tablet or phone. In today's world, when at least 60% of internet access comes from mobile phones and tablets, responsive website is a necessity - not an option!

Web Security

Static website are generally safer than dynamic websites, a lot safer. Static websites do not have a content management system and database, thus there is no possibility of making malicious request. All my websites use HTTPS protocol - an encrypted version of HTTP with increased security of data transfer.

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Email me at hello@alena-webdesign.com